Happy Fifth Birthday YouTube, You’re Still Not Making Money

YouTube turns five this month and is still more popular than ever. The site averages over 2 billion video views a day. Not bad at all. Although, despite all their heavy traffic, YouTube still seems to be struggling to monetize their popularity.

Asked about whether his company was turning a profit yet, CEO Chad Hurley had this to say to USA today:

We may have turned the corner, we may not have turned the corner. I really can’t comment on that. You’ll have to ask (Google CEO) Eric Schmidt about profitability. I can’t answer that. We’ve made great strides over the last five years. We have always concentrated on the audience first and foremost, and have seen great strides on the revenue side.

In other words, nope.

What does is say about your company when this guy manages to make a bunch of money off your platform and you can’t?

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