Hard Knocks: Little Orphan Annie Comic Strip To Cease This Summer

Insert whatever cleverish quip you’d like about the sun “not coming out tomorrow for Annie” right…. here: ___

Little Orphan Annie, the comic strip on which the popular musical is based, is drawing (amused chortle) to an end in mid-June after an 85 year run.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the comic will end in a cliffhanger full of references and plot points we do not understand:

The final Sunday panel of the strip, once seen in hundreds of papers but now run by fewer than 20, will end with Daddy Warbucks uncertain over what happened to Annie in her latest run-in with the Butcher of the Balkans. And, leaping lizards, what about her dog, Sandy? Arf.

In fact, Tribune Media Services, the orphan’s parent, hopes that she will live on beyond newsprint. Says Steve Tippie, TMS’ vice president of licensing:

The daily newspaper strip will go away. Now, that doesn’t mean that Annie won’t come back… whether it’s (in) comic books, graphic novels, in print, electronic. It’s just too rich a vein (not) to mine.

So do keep an eye out for Little Orphan Annie versus Predator versus Alien versus Freddy versus Jason: In Stunning 3D at your local cineplex in the near future.

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