Harper’s Bazaar Reduces Publishing Frequency Again

Harper’s Bazaar is like a crazy old aunt. Her better days are in the past, and the only way you can keep the good memories of her around is to see her less and less. Maybe that’s why Hearst is reducing the magazine’s publishing frequency for the second consecutive year.

WWD reports that the magazine will increase its trim size, but only publish 10 issues next year. That’s a dip from it declining to 11 issues in January. Harper’s Bazaar’s Publisher Carol Smith said that the cover price won’t change, “for now,” and added that the rate base hasn’t changed, but  something clearly isn’t right at the magazine:

Of all the major fashion magazines — Vogue, Elle, InStyle and W — it suffered the roughest first half. It is the only magazine of that group that suffered a drop in ad pages, with a 5.4 percent decline in the first six months. After a strong 2010, it also has fared worse than its rivals in the first half. Bazaar dropped 15 percent, while W, Elle and InStyle had losses of 12, 10 and 8 percent, respectively.

Much like that crazy, elderly aunt, perhaps it’s time to accept that Harper’s Bazaar will never be the same.

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