Harry Allen Continues to Dominate Whimsical Pig Market with Bank for Steuben

Having entranced the design world with his cast-resin “Bank in the Form of a Pig,” designer Harry Allen is back with a new porcine creation: a puckish piggy bank for Steuben. Translating his ideas to handmade glass had its challenges. “I found myself working in a whole new vocabulary—dollops of glass for ears, lumps for the rump, and a twist for a tail,” writes Allen on his blog. “My basset hounds inspired the gesture, they have the same basic proportions as a pig.” The bank accepts money (should any be left over after paying for the pig, priced at $1,900) not through a slot but a snout. “That is where the money goes in, and when it is capped the stopper has nostrils,” explains Allen. “Admittedly, it is not my most modern design, but you must agree, he is very cute and very Steuben.”

“Bank in the Form of a Pig” from Allen’s Reality series for Areaware