Has Internet Killed the Radio Jock? [Infographic]

As if television and radio weren’t distracting enough, social media sites on mobile devices have made it possible for die-hard sports fans to take the game with them anytime, anywhere. This infographic explores just how far the fans will go to keep up with their favorite teams.

To compile the data, GMR Marketing surveyed 350 people who were very or somewhat interested in sports about how social media affected their favorite games. The survey respondents were recruited through Facebook, Twitter, blog posts, and email, so they were already fans of social media.

A whopping 83 percent of these people reported using social media sites for updates even while they were watching the game live on TV, and another 63 percent checked their phones while they were sitting in the stadium. But it doesn’t stop there.  Sports fans are willing to take their social media outlets with them to work, to church, and into the bathroom to stay in the loop.

Why? It turns out that social media has enriched the game beyond keeping fans informed of what’s going on in the stadium. Many of the respondents followed sports news insiders on Twitter, while only a small percentage followed the athletes themselves. It appears that talking about sports with other people is as much a part of the game as watching it. And surprisingly enough, very few people in the survey seemed to mind when marketers got in on the conversation. It’s possible that people have accepted advertising as par for the course – after all, the Super Bowl is known for its creative ads during half-time.

Check out the infographic below for more stats on sports in social media.

Infographic by GMR

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