HBO GO Continues The Trend Of Tying Cable To Mobile

Cable TV’s march towards mobile has taken another step with the announcement of the HBO GO mobile app, which is a mobile streaming service. Over the last 60 days we have seen a flurry of mobile app announcements from traditional cable TV networks and providers. All are following the trend of providing free streaming video to their customers who subscribe to their traditional cable TV offering.

The HBO GO mobile app is set to appear on May 2, with free Android and iOS apps to be available. A similar service called MAX GO will provide streaming content from HBO’s other property, Cinemax. In order to use the apps you will need to be a current HBO or Cinemax subscriber on a participating cable TV system. According to Android Community, the HBO GO apps may not work for Comcast subscribers, who instead prefer their customers use the Xfinity apps to access streaming content.

HBO GO joins the following list of cable TV content and network providers who provide mobile apps: ESPN, Time Warner, Comcast, DirectTV, U-Verse, ABC, TNT, and CBS. NBC has not provided a mobile app that streams video, but does provide an app that is designed to be a companion to their shows. You can also find several apps for specific shows, such as Fox’s app for Bones.

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