HBO to Suck In Viewers With Free True Blood Webisodes

Web users will have the opportunity to sample some premium HBO content for free over the next several weeks.

The pay cable network rolled out the first of six minisodes of True Blood, HBO’s vampire-themed hit, on Yahoo TV on Tuesday (Apr. 27). The original minisode will then become available on and Facebook starting on Wednesday (Apr. 28)—and then on HBO itself, following reruns of True Blood’s second season starting on May 2. Fans will be encouraged to share the videos with friends across Facebook and other platforms.

HBO is planning a similar staggered rollout for the remaining five True Blood minisodes, said officials—starting with exclusive distribution on a select partner site, then, Facebook and TV. The hope is to satiate True Blood junkies waiting for season 3 (June 13), while driving new interest in the show, which was created by Alan Ball (Six Feet Under).

Ball has written each of the minisodes, which feature Blood regulars such as Sookie (Anna Paquin), Bill ( Stephen Moyer), Eric and Tara. The three- to five-minute vignettes will tie in to the plotlines of past and future Blood episodes, said officials.

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