Head Coach takes puzzle games to the pitch

If you’re a sports fan who also enjoys puzzle games, check out Just So Soft’s new free-to-play soccer/tactical puzzler, Head Coach.

The new Android title challenges gamers to pass the ball from player to player, collecting as many stars as they can before ultimately smashing the ball into the goal. Levels take you from the field to the streets with obstacles like tires, cars, and even ball warps littered across the play area, joining opponents who are also trying to steal the ball (and end the level). You can even deflect the ball off objects like cans in order to ricochet a pass to a teammate or hope for a lucky bounce past the goalie.

Head Coach includes two play areas (street, field) and over 70 levels, with gamers combining their soccer knowledge and love for tactics with their puzzle gaming skills in order to move their players around the field while incorporating passing schemes and a unique strategy for each level they attack.

“I think the best puzzle games always define their own world,” says Just So Soft’s Serge Chistyak. “This world sets it’s own rules and restrictions and players think in terms of this world while playing. When we decided to write this game, we spent a lot of time choosing a common direction.”

Someone on the team suggested making a sports game, while others wanted to make a puzzle game.

“We were discussing it for about two hours and finally came to a hybrid of these two styles,” says Chistyak.

And after a year of work between other Web and mobile projects, Head Coach was born.

Adds Chistyak: “This game is just a classical puzzle by nature. Just So Soft has never written games before, but it was a wonderful time. I hope we will continue mobile game development.”

Head Coach is available today in the Google Play store.