Hearst’s Snapchat Channel ‘Sweet’ Is Launching a Pop-Up Holiday Gift Guide

2-Day campaign sponsored by Maybelline

Headshot of Marty Swant

For anyone who might be looking for some holiday gift ideas to snap to Santa, Sweet,  the Snapchat-only publication created by Hearst, is running a pop-up holiday gift guide today and Saturday.

Today and tomorrow, the year-old brand is highlighting dozens of gifts for the season, ranging in price from less than $1 to virtually impossible to buy, on its Snapchat Discover channel. The overall package is sponsored by Maybelline, with ads from the makeup brand running within the gift guide both days.

According to Sweet vp and gm Ross Clark, the idea is to make the snaps the digital equivalent of going through a Neiman Marcus catalog and ripping out the pages.

"Sweet is a brand that's all about discovery, so we have a nice mix of established, known brands and then some really cool, indie and up-and-coming," Clark said.

The gifts are arranged by price. Sweet is doing 75 snaps on the first day, with the least expensive ideas going earlier and the most expensive coming later in the day. On the second day, Sweet is reversing the pricing tier, starting with the most expensive, for a total of another 85 snaps.

According to Clark, the gifts highlighted in the guide were selected by Sweet's editorial team, with each staffer submitting 10 to 20 items of varying prices before narrowing down the list. There's an ice tray, for instance, that lets you make crushed ice. Another is a light-pad block that allows anyone to create music on the block. There's even a pair of Snapchat "sad ghost" socks.

Sweet is also doing a number of stop-motion images and animations for each category while also designing the snaps worthy of being screenshots to send as gift ideas to friends and family.

Maybelline isn't the first brand Sweet has partnered with on the channel. In its first year, other big brands such as Apple, L'Oreal, Universal Studios, GE and Revlon have run ads on the the platform, which Clark said gets 16 million unique views a month and about 1 million per day.

Clark said he's likely to continue building out the variety and volume of themed editions when there's a fit for users and brands. This summer, Sweet ran a series called "The United States of Sweet," a five-part series sponsored by GE that profiled different cities around the country.

One thing Sweet has focused on harnessing is the "conversational" tone of the channel. Clark said people tend to engage with the content, and with Sweet's organic channels, by sending the snaps to other people on the platform.

"We're a brand that was born on Snapchat, and nobody has ever done what we're doing," he said. "And I think the through line behind everything that we do is we're incredibly agile, and we have the ability to iterate, creating these detailed, incredible editions every single day. And after 24 hours, they disappear, and we can do something else. So we have such flexibility and creativity in continuing to push the envelope."

@martyswant martin.swant@adweek.com Marty Swant is a former technology staff writer for Adweek.