From Businessweek Workhorse to Contented Cat Lover

Those 70-hour work weeks in New York are ancient history.

ToCatchaCatThere are two heartening journalism narratives at play here.

The first is the existence of website Loudoun Now, a community-owned operation that covers local goings-on in its Virginia neck of the woods. If you want to be inspired by the existence and potential of such operations, just check out the staff bios.

The second, per our headline, is a very fun item contributed to the site by Jan Mercker. The piece is about Heather Green, a one-time New York journalist who moved back to the Loudoun area last fall and has penned a memoir titled To Catch a Cat:

In 2004, Green was working 70-hour weeks as a technology reporter for BusinessWeek and living on Manahattan’s Upper West Side. She was dating her now-husband Matt – an architect who had left the city for the working class suburb of Union City, NJ – but was hesitant to commit and using the fact that he lived across the Hudson River as an excuse to keep her distance.

But during a weekend visit to Matt’s New Jersey neighborhood, Green found a feral cat and her three kittens near his house. And her decision led her into the weird and wonderful world of cat rescue and also sparked an emotional transformation.

“It took me outside of that day-to-day and made me reassess a lot of things. It made me decide I’m really lucky to find this guy and why am I not committing to him,” Green said. “I could have a different life outside of just working all the time … It sort of taught me about connection.”

To Catch a Cat comes out July 5.

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