Hechinger Institute Launches Education-Focused News Site

The Hechinger Institute, a Columbia University-affiliated resource for education reporters, has launched The Hechinger Report, a news site focused on in-depth education journalism.

Says the Report’s “About Us” page:

Fewer and fewer reporters at the nation’s largest newspapers and wire services are covering national education issues full time. As a result, critical issues do not get the attention they deserve.

The Report fills that gap. Working with in-house and freelance reporters, The Report covers education issues including investigative reporting and detailed analysis. From time to time we’ll also feature opinion from some of the leading thinkers in education.

The site is headed up by former Los Angeles Times education reporter Richard Lee Colvin. Former Bloomberg Markets higher-education writer Liz Willen, Columbia writing teacher Justin Snider and Web editor Davin McHenry round out the masthead.

(h/t Romenesko)

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