Helen Thomas Sneaks in a Nap During WHCA Dinner

If White House reporter rock star Helen Thomas wants to take a little catnap at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, well, who can blame her?

The evening is long. The weather is that humid, uncomfortable hot. NBC weatherman Al Roker keeps getting bombarded by flashbulbs wherever he goes. Foreheads are shiny. MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan is breaking into a sweat. ABC “The View’s” Sherrie Shepherd has sweat prints on her dress. Hell, the week is long, with party after party after party. And then the main event with pre-parties – 6 p.m. until ? – in which we have a hunk of steak to get through, small talk overload, speeches, awards, movie stars and many others we can’t recognize but they must be important, monologues and then, boom, another year has passed.

And there we have Thomas, sitting on the dais taking a brief snooze somewhere between steak and dessert. Next time we should make her comfortable — at least give her a pillow. No doubt, there’s no reason to stay awake for this whole thing.