Henneberger Seeks Dream Analysis

Life has been undoubtedly rough lately with the folding of Politics Daily.

But just how rough?

Editor-in-Chief Melinda Henneberger takes to Facebook to ask friends to analyze the following dream. Now this is something we could get into. Washington journalists post dreams on Facebook and open themselves up to dream analysis: Just beautiful (and no, we’re not messing around. This is no April Fool’s joke.)

Henneberger: Dream analysis time: I am swimming in the pool in my hometown where I was a lifeguard in high school. It’s not open yet so I have it all to myself, along with a couple of other people who work there, and it’s incredibly, even magically pleasant except that 1) I have the guilty feeling that I haven’t shown up to lifeguard in a while! and 2) every so often the guy who’s cleaning the drains lobs a ball of gunk at me…

The best dream interpreter in the lengthy string of commenters is Manhattan-based Molly Gordy, who writes: ‎1. “I feel guilty that I’m not out there ‘saving lives’ by employing outstanding journalists and spreading the truth at Politics Daily. 2. Universe, please stop throwing gunk at me! I’ve ducked so far, but I’m tired.”

Our brief analysis: It’s a fairly straightforward stress dream with one catch — HuffPost/AOL Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington is that guy cleaning the pool drain lobbing gunk at her.

See our other picks for best interpreters… If any reader out there wants to send us their dreams for interpretation feel free. Send to FishbowlBetsy@gmail.com or FishbowlDC@mediabistro.com.

James Daubs: Clearly there’s an element of guilt at abandoning Mt. Carmel–a heavily and continually repressed fondness and nostalgia for good times there. (You must have had some, unlike me.) The “haven’t shown up for awhile” signals both that guilt and you’re feeling that you have much unfinished business–no doubt related to the PD situation. You feel as though you should have been helping clean the drains, of course….

Wendy Fenci: Here goes, Ms. Missy! Floating or being in water generally refers to a re-birth or the start of something new. You haven’t lifeguarded for a while, so you may be subconsciusly concerned about your ability to handle something, even if you have strong skills, and are wary of someone/ people taking unwarranted potshots at you… Am I close? I do alot of dream interpretation… don’t forget I was a Psyche major 😉