Henneberger Will Flee to the Swiss Alps

Ex-Politics Daily‘s Editor-in-Chief Melinda Henneberger no doubt winced as she clicked on WaPo‘s promotional on its op-ed columnists, featured columns and politics blogs. Women – where are they? Interesting to note that she’s fleeing to a glacier resort in Grindelwald, Switzerland next week for a Big Think brainstorming session on how science is transmitted through media and pop culture. She’ll be convening with climate scientists. No word on how many males will be in that room.

“Oh man, not a good visual,” she wrote on Facebook regarding WaPo‘s roster of featured, mainly male journalists.”Clicked on this page looking for something else but pow, forgot what it was after seeing that of the 30 columnists they feature, 25 are men. Guess there are no women with anything interesting to say. Oh wait…”

Henneberger may be missing her “Woman UP” all-female authored section that got dissolved with the rest of the publication in the recent HuffPost/AOL merger.

WaPo‘s numbers speak for themselves:

Op-ed columnists: 18

Males: 14

Featured Columns: 4

Males: 4

Politics blogs: 12

Males: 9

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