Henry Rollins On His Torrid (Fictional) Romance With Glenn Danzig

For those of you out there not in the know — folks with actual lives, perhaps, who don’t spend 10 hours a day on the Internet — the most talked about comic book in America right now is probably Henry & Glenn, a new minicomic from the Los Angeles art collective Igloo Tornado that depicts Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig in a fictional gay romance.

We haven’t had the chance to read it yet, but the intrigue is obvious.

Danzig is just asking for a parody like this, but we were a little surprised Rollins was chosen as Danzig’s better half. Rollins isn’t your typical pigheaded rockstar. He’s an outspoken gay rights advocate. You’d think the joke would work better with someone a little more…you know…rednecky. Like Scott Stapp from Creed or something, even though he’s kind of fallen off the radar in past few years.

We asked Henry for his thoughts:

“Hey Matt, You know why I am depicted in a comic? Because I am fuckin famous. That is my thought. Henry Rollins”

Yeah, guess that makes sense now that we think about it.

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