Here We Go Again: Millions Protest New Facebook Homepage

It was only a matter of time. A minority of Facebook users simply hate change and this time around it’s no exception. Over 1 million people have joined the Facebook group “CHANGE FACEBOOK BACK TO NORMAL!” While a joke group “I AUTOMATICALLY HATE THE NEW FACEBOOK HOME PAGE” now has over 19,000 members, it’s clear that the jokesters are among an even smaller minority. I guess that’s how it always goes!

The majority of users that have joined the new Facebook group don’t really have much of a basis for the change except that they don’t like the new feed. It’s difficult to argue that Facebook should switch it back though as the Live Feed still enables users to see all of their friends. Apparently it isn’t that simple for some users though. The following note has been spreading around the site:

FB is blocking all your friends’ NEWS FEEDS except 250 THEY CHOOSE. TO UNDO BLOCK: Go to your HOME page. Make sure your news feed shows LIVE FEED. Then scroll to the bottom, click “Edit Options”, You will then see your NEWS FEED SETTINGS. Change the 250 to 5000 for Facebook’s friend limit and your feed will work right again. COPY & PASTE THIS & PASS IT ON

This issue is limited to a segment of the site who appear to have separate options. While we don’t have the same options as the users sending this note around, the screenshot below shows what live feed settings are presented to some of the users. Aside from those users who had their live feed limited to 250 friends, most people I’ve talked to don’t mind the new design.

Then again, hundreds of people posted on our Facebook Page that they don’t like the new design, but the majority of those people failed to present any rational argument for why Facebook should switch it back.

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