Here’s a Quick Look at the Major Changes From Facebook’s Massive Reorganization

Three new groups: Family of Apps, New Platforms and Infrastructure, Central Product Services

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Facebook internally announced a massive reorganization this week, creating three groups and shifting several key executives into new roles with new responsibilities.

The three new groups are Family of Apps, New Platforms and Infrastructure and Central Product Services. Description of the groups and key executive moves are outlined below:

Family of Apps

Family of Apps is made up of Facebook’s flagship mobile application, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.

The group is being headed by chief product officer Chris Cox.

Vice president of product management Will Cathcart will lead all of product for Facebook’s flagship mobile apps.

Stan Chudnovsky, formerly vp of product for Messenger, will succeed vp of messaging services David Marcus as head of the messaging app.

Vp of News Feed Adam Mosseri will become vp of product at Instagram, replacing Kevin Weil, who will join the New Products and Infrastructure group. Vp of product management John Hegeman will succeed Mosseri.

Chris Daniels, who had been leading Facebook’s connectivity initiative, will now helm WhatsApp following the announcement last week that co-founder Jan Koum is leaving the company.

New Platforms and Infrastructure

This group includes artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain and the company’s engineering teams.

The group is led by chief technology officer Mike Schroepfer.

Marcus will drastically change his role at Facebook and lead an exploratory blockchain group under this group. Marcus was president of PayPal before joining Facebook in June 2014 to take the helm at Messenger, and he is also on the board of directors of digital currency exchange Coinbase.

Vp of engineering Jay Parikh will oversee a new product team focused on privacy products and initiatives, which will be led by director of product management David Baser and include chief privacy officer Erin Egan and her team. This team is behind the social network’s Clear History feature, which was announced by CEO Mark Zuckerberg last week. The feature will enable users to clear information about websites and apps they have interacted with via Facebook and ensure that this data is not stored with their accounts.

Central Product Services

The Central Product Services group is made up of the social network’s advertising, analytics and product management teams.

The group will be led by vp of growth Javier Olivan. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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