Hewlett-Packard Brings Secure Printing to Android

HP plans to release a new app on May 1st that will let Android users print to any ePrint Service equipped HP printer. According to HP, the app will be similar to the existing iOS app (pictured at right).

Even though HP is a partner in Google’s Cloud Print service, it feels that Cloud Print is not secure enough for corporate users.  “There’s a huge amount of security that’s required when you’re dealing with sensitive documents and mobile printing,” said Mark Quiroz, who heads HP marketing for corporate printing products.

This system is more secure because t he employee chooses what to print and where to print it, the employee will given a code by the app and will have to enter the code into the printer. That extra security ensures that documents are only printed in places they’re meant to be and that those documents are only seen by people meant to see them.

A corresponding webOS app will be released this fall.

via Dow Jones