Hey Boss, Stop Stressing Me Out…Or Not?

Tension is a crucial part of the workplace, not just something to eliminate, according to a new study by Healthy Companies International, an Arlington, Va.-based management consultancy. If you’re a man.

While employees as a whole seem to be in agreement on how much stress or tension is appropriate in the office, women were 28 percent more likely than men to believe that the environment was too stressful, and men were nine percent more likely than women to think their offices had almost no tension.

However, only 25 percent of workers overall surveyed by Healthy Companies thought there was too much tension in their workplaces—interesting given the high-stress environments we’re all assumed to be working in, thanks to the economy.

So what’s the solution to a workplace atmosphere that some folks think is too much and others think is “juuuuust right”? Deal with it?

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