Hey Twitter: DC Hates Snow, Get Over It

If  you have  lived in the south for any stretch of time (and yes, DC is the south) then you know that we don’t deal well with snow here. DC, however, is a place full of people from elsewhere in the country. Some of these people come from places where there is more snow than here. These people LOVE to tell us here in DC, and in the south more broadly, how it is absolutely HILARIOUS that we FREAK OUT over 2-3 inches of snow.

Dear other, non-southern people: SHUT UP.

Do you realize that y’all say this every time it snows when you happen to be below the Mason-Dixon line? Do you realize that southern people aren’t “freaking out” about the snow? Rather, it just doesn’t snow here as much as it does in whatever frozen hell-hole you are from. Ergo we do not have the same municipal resources devoted to snow removal as you do. It would, in fact, be silly for southern towns to have snow plows on standby for the 1 – 5 times a year it actually snows. Therefore, it is actually more cost-effective and safer to simply close work/school/the government when it does snow than to either over-prepare for snow that wont happen or encourage people to come to work in possibly dangerous weather conditions.

Geesh. You Yankees should be happy you’re in a city with a somewhat reasonable climate.

Here, in an attempt to shame them, are all the tweets I could find from a-hole non-southerners who think DC is SO HILARIOUSLY FREAKING OUT ABOUT THE SNOW ZOMG LOLOLOLOL:






More jerks from out of town mocking us after the jump…






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