Hey WMATA, Are You Listening?

If your train is late in NYC, apparently you can get a note to give to your boss. Fortunately, we here at FishbowlDC are far too frugal to invest in actual office space. But for those of you who do have to be “on time” to the “newsroom”, maybe this would be a good idea…

…in a city where “train traffic,” that villain of automated subway announcements, can be too faceless a culprit, most riders know nothing of the system to officially assign blame, with a simple note.

Since June 2010, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has given more than 250,000 such notes, titled Subway Delay Verification, to riders, determining whether their trains had in fact come in behind schedule, or if, perhaps, the agency had been unjustly scapegoated by a harried commuter.

Passengers are asked to provide information like their subway line and the times and locations of their entries and exits. And then, maybe hours later, maybe days, the authority returns with its judgment — the transit equivalent of a doctor’s note, if a bit more bewildering.

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