Heyday App Offers a Simple, Elegant Way to Journal

There’s a new way to sort and display your photos and videos — and it’s called Heyday. This free iOS app, which bills itself as a journaling tool, grabs the images from your smartphone and then creates clever collages with them. It nicely date-stamps each, so you know when the event took place. It also offers a way to add notes and locations to each collage.

The appeal of Heyday is not only the resulting memories come to life in fancy montages, but the ease of use. You don’t need to be a genius to use the app, nor do you have to do much at all. It automatically creates the collages based on groups of photos you’ve already snapped, making the app ideal for events or road trips.

While the app lets the user share the photo collages via social media, email, or SMS, it’s not required. You could keep Heyday as your own personal journal. There’s no need — nor any way — to find “friends” within the app or to share every morsel. Save some of the memories just for yourself. Users do have the option to save or copy favorite journal moments as well.

The  app is featured in the App Store scroll and No. 1 under Apple’s rotating list of “Best New Apps.”