HeyStaks for iPad & Android: Google Search Meets Flipboard

What would happen if someone created a cross between Google search and Flipboard? The developers responsible for a new free app for the iPad and Android tablets hopes you will say HeyStaks. They describe HeyStaks as a community-based search app.

HeyStaks Launches Community-Based Search Apps for iPad and Android Tablets — Users Can Now Search Less and Find More

As a HeyStaks app user, you can anonymously join search communities (e.g., travel) to help refine the results for that community (category). It is not clear how your participating does this, however. Search results are presented in a newspaper or magazine type layout that Flipboard popularized on the iPad last year. The results for my test searches in a variety of categories were mostly on topic. I’m not sure I would choose this over using Google or Bing, however.

You can find the free app here:

HeyStaks Social Search (iTunes App Store)

HeyStaks Social Search (Android Market)

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