HeyZap Adds Viral Sharing and Analytics

With the growth of social and iPhone games, there’s also been an influx of companies offering support services like payments or analytics. But San Francisco startup HeyZap has kept its focused on the casual Flash game. The company lets site owners embed casual games in widget form, then lets the game’s developers sell things like virtual goods from within the game. It added a few more features last week.

One is a new “Viral API” that allows players to publish stories to Twitter and Facebook. The interface is built directly into the game, and currently allows users to post high scores after a gaming session. Future updates to the feature will include in-game status updates, multiplayer invites, in-game purchase updates, profile updates, and achievements.

In order to put the new API to the test, a game by the name of “Balloon Boy” (yes, like the news story) was integrated with it about two weeks ago. According to HeyZap co-founder Jude Gomila, the simple Flash game was tweeted roughly 5000 times and shared on Facebook an impressive 10,000 times. Of course, the topic of the game likely had a great deal of influence on these numbers, but having been played over 4 million times, the new API probably helped.

Currently, ten casual titles integrated with the Viral API have been announced. However, Gomila says that more elaborate titles are on the way.

In addition to the Viral API, HeyZap has also announced the release of a brand new analytics feature. As expected, this works similarly to any other analytics platform, but will obviously prove more convenient in having it in the same interface as the other Heyzap features. Currently, the analytics tool tracks the number of unique players, total plays, session length, eCPM, and how many times a game has been tweeted, or shared on Facebook. Furthermore, Gomila says that further features are in the works such as seeing where players quit playing.

Having only been around since January, this young company seems to be off to an extremely strong start.

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