HeyZap and DinglePharb Launch Wold Town Facebook MMO Game

DinglePharb Studios is a new gaming studio dedicated to social games, and they’ve partnered with social games platform provider HeyZap to bring their premiere title to Facebook. Entitled “Wold Town”, the game is an MMO set in a fantasy universe where players are able to take the role of dragons who live, interact, play games and buy stuff. The game is still in closed Beta but will be released soon.

Heyzap has been on our radar recently as trying to create as many partnerships with talented game studios as they can. We looked at them in depth recently, and found that the biggest strength of their platform is the ability to publish your game anywhere, including embedding onto a blog. With this new partnership, Heyzap is emphasizing that the relatively new developer DinglePharb now has the ability to really spread their games across the web:

“With such an innovative and fun-to-play game as Woldtown, we definitely had the millions of Facebook users across the world in mind, as the vibrant colors and fully 3D world is unlike anything the platform has ever seen,” said Nathan Agulto, CEO of Dinglepharb Studios. “But we didn’t want to limit our users to only those with Facebook accounts, and Heyzap’s one-of-a-kind technology and incredible industry partnerships will allow us to showcase Woldtown to an amount of people and sites that simply wouldn’t be possible on our own.”

You can read more about Wold Town at DinglePharb`s Facebook Fan Page.

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