Heyzap Launches Social Games Bar To Easily Embed Games

Heyzap announced yesterday a new social games bar that allows website owners to put one line of code on their site and have access to 30,000 games immediately. The bar allows viewers of the site to click on the games link, and a small on-screen popup displays a full game right there on the site, playable immediately. This is definitely the kind of ‘drag and drop’ game distribution that a lotof game developers are looking for within the industry.

Heyzap recently announced that they were creating the platform to distribute their games outside of Facebook. Their announcement of their new API allows players to play their games, and save their high scores no matter where they are on the web. The new API allows for challenges, messaging and gifts as well. This new games bar is an extension of that API, and the company is focused on creating the simplest possible method for website operators to get websites on their side. This strategy is promising if implemented right, and Heyzap’s focus on the simplified experience may make this the premier offering.

Heyzap also pitches the games bar as an alternative to advertising, although it’s not clear if they have a plan to do a revenue split between game developers and website operators, or whether website operators are getting revenue for embedding games in lieu of advertising. We’ll talk with Heyzap and get some answers shortly. Finally, Heyzap mentions that when a player who is playing a game on a website – let’s say ABC.com – decides to share the game on Facebook, the link goes back to ABC.com, thereby incentivizing website owners to use the new games bar.

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