High Times Launches Redesign

We feel the need to preface this item by saying that we here at FishbowlLA tend to fall more into the glue sniffing department when it comes to our drug of choice. So we’re not regular readers of High Times. But cruising through the Reddit “Ask Me Anything” section this afternoon, we came across a pretty cool community interview with the staff of the mag.

First off, nice redesign. The cover shot with Snoop pictured to the right is for the upcoming April issue. Apparently, the mag launched its redesign last month. We’re impressed.

We also learned that the mag is publishing a new marijuana cookbook called The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook: More Than 50 Irresistible Recipes That Will Get You High. Betcha you can guess when it comes out. Hint: It’s in April. Think real hard.

Other interesting tidbits: Working at High Times is kind of like those College Humor videos, “but we’re not that dumb or disorganized.”

Also, Iceland’s weed is cheap and environmentally friendly thanks to its mass reserves of inexpensive geothermal power.

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