Higher than Expected Demand for Twitter Hedge Fund Causes Delays

The Twitter hedge fund that has caught the media’s attention won’t be investing just yet – the demand from investors has been so high that the fund has had to restructure to accommodate additional interest.

According to IR Web Report, Derwent Capital Markets is revising the corporate structure of its Absolute Return Fund Ltd, which will be using Twitter to predict the stock market.

The fund was supposed to launch on April 1st with 25 million pounds, but interest has been far greater than expected. IR Web Reports claims that investors have pledged up to $100 million, or about 60 million pounds. Investors around the world are jumping at the chance to be part of the first Twitter-driven investment fund.

IR Web Report quotes Paul Hawtin, Managing Director and Founder of Derwent Capital Markets as saying,

“Delays surrounding any pending Fund launch are a result of investor interest being way above our initial expectations. Our Master Investor list of interested parties currently stands at ÂŁ58.4m ($95 million) of which ÂŁ25m ($40 million) are firm commitments to subscribe for shares in the Fund during the Initial Offer Period.”

Announced in December 2010, the fund will invest based on sentiments read on Twitter. It is using a proprietary research strategy purchased from academic researchers who found that changes in Twitter sentiment among users could predict changes in the Dow Jones up to six days in advance, with 87% accuracy.

Others have used Twitter to beat the stock market just this month, finding that if investors had adjusted their investments based on Twitter sentiment, they could have earned about 15% more in 2010.

However, the Derwent fund is the first to actually put its money where its mouth is, and start investing non-hypothetical dollars based on what Twitter users are saying. We just hope they aren’t following a disproportionate number of Bieber fans, or their numbers might be a bit off.