Hillary Clinton and Her Pantsuits: Now on Instagram

"Hard choices."

It was television that tipped the scales for John F. Kennedy in the wayback of the 1960 elections. In the United States’ first debate that transpired over TV, that generation’s ground-breaking medium, Kennedy wooed audiences with his boyish good looks and charm, while Richard Nixon came off as a dripping, sweaty mess.

When historians look back at this era’s media-instrument-come-campaign-weapon, perhaps they’ll say it was a photo of some pantsuits that won a presidency. We’re being a bit facetious with that last bit, but Hillary Clinton‘s growing social media campaign continues to flaunt its social media fluency.

In her Instagram debut today, the Clinton team kept it simple and funny, choosing as its first photo a group of red, white and blue pantsuits hanging on a clothing rack captioned, “Hard choices,” alluding to Clinton’s 2014 memoir of the same name.

It’s consistent, too. Clinton’s Twitter bio references her being a “pantsuit aficionado.” As for her Instagram bio, it was almost a #humblerag: listed outright was her role as a “doting grandmother” as well as the #Hillary2016 hashtag. All other experience and aspirations were cloaked under a tongue-in-cheek “among other things.”

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