Why the F#@K is This News?

Yahoo News! is a fine news outlet with an exceptionally fine reporting staff. Yet on Thursday their publicity department released an “exclusive” on former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton‘s potential run for the Oval Office in 2016.

Their exclusive?

It’s with Melanne Verveer, an apparently tight friend of Clinton’s who weighed in on her friend running for President in the next election. Only there was one teensy problem, which is that Verveer had absolutely NOTHING to say and shared nothing that we don’t all already know. Her big “exclusive” comments included the following hairballs:

1. Verveer reveals that the former secretary of state is in “great shape” but has yet to decide on a 2016 run. Conclusion: who knows? 2. Verveer told Yahoo! News’ Rachel Rose Hartman that Clinton has “had a chance to breathe a little bit, to mend after what she’d been through at the end of her term.” Conclusion: who knows? 3. But Verveer made clear that Clinton has yet to make a decision about a second presidential bid: “We don’t know if she’s going to run…I think she should do what she wants to do, and we will all support whatever she thinks is best for her at this point,” she said. Conclusion: who knows?

And now, we’ll return to more important business of looking up pictures of monkeys making funny faces as we wait for Yahoo! News publicity to send us more exclusives.

Read the full piece on Verveer here.