HitFox driving 10,000 mobile game installs per day for mobile game publishers, expands with offices in San Francisco and Paris

HitFox’s mobile game affiliate network AppLift is delivering 10,000 mobile game installs per day for game publishers since launching the startup in August.

HitFox incubated startup AppLift is an affiliate service focused exclusively on mobile games generating installs for games from game publishers. Types of game affiliates in the network include mobile game review websites, other apps, TV stations and more.

The Berlin-headquartered HitFox, an incubator focused on investing and acquiring game distribution and user acquisition startups, was founded by serial entrepreneurs Jan Beckers, Tim Koschella, Ruben Haas, Hanno Fichtner, along with Team Europe. They are currently partnered with more than 160 game publishers including Electronic Arts, Nexon and King.com.

HitFox’s three current marketing and distribution startups under its roof are ad2games, AppLift and Game Finder. HitFox’s other mobile-related startup like AppLift is Game Finder. It’s a mobile game discovery app for iOS and Android that curates more than 700 free game apps and returns the most relevant games to the user. The app is already available in Germany, but is launching in beta in the U.S. and France.

In an effort to have offices in locations where their customers exist, HitFox is announcing its expansion to San Francisco and Paris. The company recently entered the Asian market with an office in Seoul.

“We are in a period of rapid expansion,” says Jan Beckers, CEO and co-founder of HitFox. “It was very, very natural to be there.”

HitFox, which was founded in May 2011, is also announcing the hiring of Nicole DeMeo, formally of Scoreloop and Peak Games, as vice president of marketing and strategic relations for its San Francisco office. Jean-Philippe Decka is also being brought on as head of business development at HitFox’s Paris office.

HitFox monetizes by taking a cut on the CPI rates from AppLift and ad2games and ads in Game Finder. Companies with a similar product to HitFox’s AppLift that help publishers drive installs include Fiksu and Chartboost.

The incubator staff has grown from 25 to 75 in 2012 and aims to acquire or establish at least two businesses per year.

HitFox received “mid-seven digit” seed funding in June 2011 from Holtzbrinck Ventures, Tengelmann E-Commerce Beteiligungs, Hasso Plattner Ventures, Kite Ventures and Heiko Hubertz.

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