Holidays Influence Facebook's Most Engaging Pages

The approaching spring holidays have Facebookers engaging with religious content on the site, although sports and music pages are also eliciting strong responses.

The approaching spring holidays have Facebookers engaging with religious content on the site, although sports and music pages are also fostering two-way conversations.

Name # Fans # Interactions
1. The Bible 6,614,894 954,418
2. Manchester United 11,591,927 714,103
3. Justin Bieber 24,759,903 699,089
4. Mario Teguh 3,816,958 684,135
5. Türk Bayragi 5,420,312 572,153
6. We Are Khaled Said 1,125,368 542,172
7. Real Madrid C.F. 11,084,688 436,872
8. Jesus Christ 2,175,458 403,227
9. Jesus Daily 4,829,060 395,727
10. eN KapAK NiCkLEr”‘!!! 964,039 369,922
11. Educate Yourself 966,688 361,378
12. Müzik Keyfi 1,327,019 360,115
13. FC Barcelona 12,169,961 357,085
14. Necip Fazil Kisakurek 839,803 341,036
15. Arabesk Rap 1,560,195 334,826
16. IsShow 778,050 298,898
17. Rafael Nadal 5,998,457 286,702
18. Dios Es Bueno! 3,143,272 279,845
19. WWE 4,980,017 259,235
20. Lady Gaga 31,897,765 255,244

Spring holidays: With Passover and Easter approaching, the Bible‘s home on the social network continues to draw massive on-going conversations; this week, an interaction total of 954,418 landed the religious text in the top spot for a second week in a row.

Other popular choices that we continue to track include Jesus Christ and Jesus Daily. The two land back to back in the eighth and nine spots respectively. Although Jesus Christ has only half the amount of fans in comparison, the page can boast a larger engaged presence as 403,227 fans contributed. Jesus Daily finished the past seven days just slightly behind with 395,727 interactions.

In sports: European football (soccer) season is heating up, and so are the fans as they continue to get rowdy across the social network. Manchester United ousts Justin Bieber this week to take claims to the second spot; the interactive page had 714,103 sports lovers buzzing in support of their favorite team. As we continue down the list we see Real Madrid C.F slip a few spots, but with the help of 436,872 comments posted to the page the club hangs on at the seventh spot. FC Barcelona also lands a few spots back, but they had an another notable week with 357,085 fans cheering for them on Facebook.

Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal once again saw huge success at Monte Carlo this past weekend; his loyal fans headed towards Facebook to help him earn an interaction total of 286,702. With announcements of upcoming matches, retirements, and contests World Wrestling Entertainment continues to be a welcoming interactive presence; there were 259,235 interactions on the page this week.

In music: Justin Bieber may have slipped to the third spot on the list this week, but 699,089 fans still continue to help his page be a top engaging choice. Chinese super star IsShow finds his way onto our list for the first time; 298,898 social networkers joined the conversation. Lady Gaga rounds out our list; 255,244 interactions helped her hang on to a spot for a third week in a row.

In Turkey: Türk Bayragi, which translates to the Turkish Flag, finished in the fifth spot this week, with 572,153 interactions. Necip Fazil Kisakurek landed in the 14th spot, with 341,036 contributions to the discussion.

In the world of Turkish music, Müzik Keyfi climbed to the 12th spot this week; the page finished strong this week with the help of 360,115 interactions. With the help of 334,826 post from users, Arabesk Rap climbs back onto our list this week landing in the 15th spot.

Elsewhere around the globe: We close out this week by looking a few other notable pages that continually reappear on our list from around the globe. Indonesian motivational speaker Mario Teguh engage his fans with regular discussion updates once again this week; the conversation continues on with 684,135 new thoughts added. A popular Arabic page that loosely translates to mean Educate Yourself, rests comfortably moving up to the 11th spot; 361,378 new interactions were tallied over the week.