Hollywood Veteran Named Head of WWE Studios

Hollywood veteran Michael Luisi was named the new president of WWE Studios, replacing Mike Pavone, who resigned from the company in August.

Luisi joined the WWE in January as executive vice president and general counsel. One of his goals as the new head of WWE Studios is to release six to eight films annually — up from four movies this year and two in 2010.

Plus, WWE won’t always feature their talent in starring roles, which should give projects more credibility for non-wrestling fans.

Luisi’s first project is No One Lives, a horror flick featuring Luke Evans and WWE wrestler Brodus Clay.

While the WWE have thrived for decades in the sports entertainment world, they have struggled to succeed in Hollywood. According to the Los Angeles Times, WWE Studios made just $400,000 profit last year.

Luisi has his work cut out for him to say the least.

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