When Hollywood, Washington Collide

As part of the “Sidecar Conversation Series,” Capitol File  and P.J. Clarke’s are inviting a host of politicos and journalists to dinner to chat about the intersection of Hollywood and Washington.

National Journal‘s Ron Brownstein will moderate the event.

The panelists include: Roll Call “HOH” gossip columnist Neda Semnani, “Chasing the Hill” writer Brent Roske, “House of Cards” Exec. Producer Beau Willimon and President and CEO of ONE Michael Elliott.

Asked about the upcoming panel and what it will entail, Semnani told FishbowlDC: “In my opinion, Washington and Hollywood act as a mirror to the other. The interesting part is what each town reflects back at the other. In other words, how
much impact does, or should DC have on Hollywood or vice versa? Is Hollywood responsible for how it portrays Washington, politics and policy? Should it get it right? Likewise, does Washington have a responsibility over how our politicians and journalists interact with and are influenced by the cult of celebrity?”

With the White House Correspondents’ dinner coming up at the end of the month, the questions are timely.

Oddly no one from the site that epitomizes the intersection, Hollywood on the Potomac, is on the panel. No doubt there is no shortage of writers in Washington who are qualified to speak intelligently on the matter.

The dinner takes place on April 17 at Sidecar at P.J. Clarke’s.