HoloToy for iPhone/iPad: Cool 3D Toy for 99 Cents

Video courtesy of kode80apps

I was surprised to see that this app

HoloToy 1.04

only has a 2.5-star average rating in the iTunes App Store. Even more surprising to me was that 118 of the 402 reviews were 1-star ratings. After watching the video demo embedded above, I spent my 99 cents for this app and found it extremely interesting to play with on my iPad (it also works on an iPhone).

The app uses anamorphosis perspective projection to create what looks like a 3D view on a 2D display by presenting different views of objects on the screen depending on where the screen is relative to your viewing angle (using the iPad/iPhone’s accelerometer).

It is a clever piece of programming with several amusing scenes and a couple of mini-games. I feel it was 99 cents well spent for me.