Homecoming for Former Fox 5/WNYW Sports Reporter Andy Adler

Many may have been left to wonder–what happened to popular Fox 5/WNYW weekend sports anchor Andy Adler?

Well, Adler is back home with her family in SoCal.

She exited Fox 5 in March for an opportunity to rejoin KNBC in Los Angeles. Adler leaves her sports work behind in New York. The occasional fill-in host for “Good Day New York” now has her focus on general assignment reporting for the weekday “Today in L.A.” and co-anchoring for the Saturday morning edition.

“It’s been a good opportunity,” Adler says.

After graduation from Stanford University, Adler started her career at KNBC as a page.

“I was always sort of looking into it, always thinking I would eventually, maybe, end up in California. …This was always the station [KNBC] that I felt familiar with.”

After the jump, Adler discusses how working in New York helped her professional growth.

Adler, who spent three years at Fox 5, calls it a difficult decision to leave the number one market. However, she says “it felt right to come back.”

Adler, 29, gained invaluable experience from her time at WNYW.

“The people at Channel 5 are amazing,” Adler says. “[Ernie Anastos] is the nicest and most down to earth person.”

With Anastos’ decades on the air, Adler says he sets the example for what an anchor should be.

The Big Apple doesn’t just bring out the best in front of the camera.

“There’s nothing like a New York viewer,” Adler admits. “They’re honest and …they’re so passionate about their sports. I miss that.”

Adler, who co-hosted the Sunday night wrap-up “Sports Extra” during her WNYW tenure, did not run away from the bright lights of New York.

“I always felt comfortable there. When I first got there …I had expected it to be so harsh. …I realized not that it’s a harsh place, it’s an honest place,” Adler says. “I felt very much at home there.”

The weather, the Southern California native joked, is one reason she doesn’t miss New York.

But Adler won’t rule out a possible return in the future.

“You can’t really plan things. I love New York so I would never be opposed to returning,” Adler says. “So I guess you never know.”

Whether on camera in New York or Los Angeles, Adler has built a huge fanbase on the Internet.

“The magic of hair and makeup do wonders,” Adler laughed.

More seriously, Adler hopes in due time that she can prove her reporting and anchoring skills and win over KNBC viewers.

“The L.A. audience, the New York audience, they’re smart. And …hopefully they realize that I’m a real person and relatable.”