HomePipe Lets Your iPhone Access Files on a Mac or PC

My email spam filter seems more aggressive than usual lately. I used to check the junk mail folder once a week. Lately, I’ve had to check daily to dig out actual mail from the garbage. Given this situation the first thought I had after reading this email subject that made it past my filter was, how did that get past?

Upcoming HomePipe Announcement

That sure looks like a spam title, right? The email from the originator who claims to be the CEO of the firm seemed legitimate. I didn’t want to open a Word DOCX file from an unknown source. So, I checked if the:


webpage was “safe” and then pointed my browser at it.

The email didn’t say what HomePipe does. Fortunately, the website does: HomePipe is the first-ever consumer-focused cloud solution that enables instant and safe access to all your home files. HomePipe gives you FREE access to your favorite photos, movies, and music—everything on your home network—using any smartphone, netbook or Web browser.

The iPhone App Store has a Free HomePipe app as well as a $2.99 Premium app. Both versions of the app have identical descriptions. So, it is not clear to me what the Premium version offers over the free version. HomePipe provides software for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X for the home computer side of things.

Note to PR firms and mobile tech firms: Please make your email announcements as unspam-looking as possible to make my life easier 🙂

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