Honolulu Star-Advertiser Could Employ Up To 500: Why That Number Sounds Great But Isn’t

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser, the newspaper that will be created when the Star-Bulletin and Advertiser merge next month, could employ 500 people, the Star-Bulletin reports.

That sounds like an encouraging number, but it’s barely half of the combined staff right now; up to 400 employees could lose their jobs.

Dennis Francis, Oahu Publications’ president, said yesterday that the company will keep about two-thirds of the Star-Bulletin’s 300 workers, and half of the much larger Advertiser’s staff of 580.

None of the Star-Bulletin newsroom staff can be laid off, thanks to their union contracts, which means that most of the Advertiser’s newsroom of 120 will probably find themselves looking for new work. On the mainland, we’re guessing, because Civil Beat can only hire so many.