New HootSuite For iPad Update: You Had Me At Two Columns (And Now You Have Three)

Long-term readers will likely be well aware of my love for web browser-based Twitter client HootSuite, which I converted to pretty much exclusively in April 2010. I’d guess probably 99% of my tweets come from Like many others, I hope, as I’d hate to see HootSuite go down because of freeloading, I also pay for the premium version.

On the iPad, HootSuite was already my client of choice, but it wasn’t perfect. A strange decision to permanently float the interface to control the streams on the left side of the screen meant that the user could only see two columns at any one time.

A couple of days ago HootSuite released a new upgrade of the app (2.1.2) which included a vast improvement to the user interface, and cemented the software’s position as the de facto iPad Twitter experience.

Here’s how HootSuite for iPad used to look:

And here it is now:

Will you look at that? 3 columns. Three frickin’ columns. It might seem like a pretty minor thing to one-column devotees or those yet to become HootSuite aficionados, but this is huge.

As before, the interface is extremely slick and scrolling between columns is managed with a simple drag on the screen and everything moves really well and pretty much instantly. If you’re running multiple accounts you can access all of your streams by clicking on the home button (top left), which floats the streams panel over the top of your columns, and is immediately removable by clicking anywhere else on the screen.

Simply click on a tweet to interact.

It’s all very, very smooth.

Once again, my hat’s off to HootSuite. My wife and I both own iPads and are both HootSuite fans, but the UI on the previous build was a bit messy, and it made using the software slightly less than optimal. With this new update that’s no longer an issue – it’s better than ever. And I didn’t have to write a long article whinging about it. They just did it. Like magic.

That’s real customer service.

(Original HootSuite for iPad image courtesy of The Next Web.)