Horoscopes, Connect, Video, Zoosk, Formspring and More on This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Apps by DAU

Turkish horoscope and video apps, as well as several Connect and quiz apps, birthdays, bands and Formspring made up our list of the top 20 growing Facebook applications by daily active users this week. The apps grew from between to 88,300 to 1.1 million DAU. The list is compiled using AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook, and covers those that gained the most users in the past seven days.

Top Gainers This Week

Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. Daily Horoscope 2,251,032 +1,118,641 +99%
2. The Fortune Teller 1,222,663 +1,111,459 +999%
3. Gardens of Time 762,495 +737,882 +2,998%
4. Today’s Video 326,041 +251,666 +338%
5. Zombie Lane 541,842 +241,264 +80%
6. Windows Live Messenger 15,252,327 +223,800 +1%
7. Yahoo! 7,163,455 +213,726 +3%
8. Komedi Kral 257,319 +204,477 +387%
9. Günlük Burç Yorumları 245,475 +184,966 +306%
10. Quiz Taco! 502,239 +180,858 +56%
11. Bubble Saga 357,346 +176,693 +98%
12. Diamond Dash 901,329 +165,721 +23%
13. Birthday Calendar 173,418 +129,069 +291%
14. BandPage by RootMusic 971,066 +122,404 +14%
15. Gourmet Ranch 433,174 +121,227 +39%
16. izletTV 142,848 +120,939 +552%
17. picplz 128,792 +103,403 +407%
18. Zoosk 648,533 +95,662 +17%
19. Mahjong Trails 362,702 +89,266 +33%
20. Formspring 1,032,703 +88,313 +9%

Turkish horoscope apps topped the list. Daily Horoscope, which is in English but grew primarily in Turkey, saw 1.1 million new DAU this week and the Turkish version, Günlük Burç Yorumları, grew by about 185,000 DAU. The apps work pretty much the same way; after allowing permissions the user is taken to their daily horoscope, where they can comment or invite any of their friends with the same zodiac who are displayed. Comments create feed stories and the apps posts daily horoscopes to a user’s Wall.

Turkish video apps also made an appearance on the list. Today’s Video added 251,700 DAU, Komedi Kral added 204,500 DAU and izletTV about 121,000 DAU. The apps all allow users to watch, Like and share videos on Facebook.

Connect apps were also on our list. Windows Live Messenger grew across countries and languages in France, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Italy and Canada, by 223,800 DAU in total. Yahoo’s Connect app grew by 213,700 DAU, mostly in the uS. Finally, the mobile photo sharing app picplz’s Connect app grew by 103,400 DAU. BandPage by RootMusic saw 122,400 DAU mostly in the US and continues to grow. The Connect app creates a custom tab with a band’s tour schedule, music, photos, Twitter and more. Formspring, another Connect app, grew by 88,300 DAU mostly in the US; we previously wrote in depth about the app, which has multiple viral opportunities. When a user answers a question, the answer may be posted to Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

The rest of the list was a mixed bag.

Quiz Taco grew by 180,900 DAU. The app has strong viral potential, as it is a 25-question quiz with raunchy questions about your Facebook friends, promising you information about what friends answered about you towards the end. Every time you answer a question a feed story is created.

American Greetings’ Birthday Calendar app grew by 129,100 DAU. The app added users primarily in the US, Indonesia and the Philippines. Basically, the app prominently displays your friends with current birthdays and offers you several ways to send them a birthday card or virtual good. The app’s display is a calendar with your friends’ profile photos and sends you alerts to remember their birthdays.

Dating app Zoosk with 95,700 DAU, mostly US growth. Stay tuned for our look at the top emerging apps on Friday.

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