Host of The Bachelor’s TV Show Creates Dating App Featuring Video Profiles

Reality TV host, Chris Harrington of The Bachelor has been working on a dating app with the show’s creator that utilizes videos to showcase singles. Called At First Sight, the app is equipped with its own messaging system, but ironically has no video chats. If you want to have facetime, you’ll need to use another platform like Google Hangout or Skype.

As shown in the video demo above, Harrington already has a profile on the dating app, so lucky ladies, here’s your chance! When asked if he was willing to be part of the reality TV dating show, he responded with this:

I’m not really the type of guy that dates out loud, lives out loud. On top of that, having been behind the curtain and helped produce this, it would be so hard to be genuine and go through it with any sense of naiveté. You kind of have to have that innocence to be the bachelor or the bachelorette.

Via Mashable

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