Hotel City Quickly Becomes Playfish’s Fourth Largest Facebook Game

It launched a few weeks ago, but Playfish’s new Hotel City game saw a striking amount of growth over the last weekend, going from 935,000 monthly active users on Friday to 2.40 million MAU by yesterday. Growth appears to have been steadily increasing since launch, so it’s possible that Playfish decided to give the app a bigger boost all of a sudden via cross-promotion in other apps and Facebook advertising.

This makes the hotel management app the fourth largest that the Electronic Arts-owned company has on Facebook in terms of MAU, as we noted in our weekly top 20 list from this morning. Its DAU count is a crazy 1.57 million, according to our AppData tracking service, but that’s because of all the very new users — the number could likely drop in coming days.

This hockey-stick trajectory is the opposite of the other two titles that Playfish has launched since it was acquired last fall. Of those, Gangster City has been declining to 1.20 million MAU and Poker Rivals is down to 779,000. Those games were riffs off the already popular mafia RPG and poker genres, but Hotel City was fresher. The largest Facebook hotel management game has been Happy Hotel, made by PlayCrab. It has been fluctuating around 1 million MAU in the last month.

The game is young but the graphs look right. See below. (Note that today is flat because AppData has not yet fully reported today’s data.)