Hotels and Islands Lead This Week’s Fastest-Gaining Facebook Games by DAU

Following its big debut on our Monday list of fastest-gaining games by monthly active users, the new Electronic Arts / Playfish title Hotel City is also leading this week’s daily active user list. The hotel management game’s DAU number is certainly bloated by the millions of people streaming in to try the game, but with 1.4 million new DAU, only a fraction needs to stick around to make Hotel City successful — and it has just begun its growth.

Hotel City is far and away the leader below, but will have to vie with Zynga’s latest game, Treasure Isle, which seems to be coming up just as fast. Here’s the AppData list of the 20 DAU leaders:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name DAU Gain Gain, %
1. Hotel City 1,695,606 +1,394,143 +462.46
2. Family Feud 301,543 +173,731 +135.93
3. Island Paradise 1,799,166 +138,332 +8.33
4. Zoo Paradise 675,194 +100,689 +17.53
5. Tiki Resort 850,516 +99,763 +13.29
6. 開心寶貝 689,426 +46,677 +7.26
7. Ameba Pico 91,706 +36,624 +66.49
8. Evony 34,199 +29,817 +680.44
9. Games 327,260 +28,617 +9.58
10. Farm Town 2,124,063 +26,687 +1.27
11. TransForce – Robot strategy browser game of 2010 25,089 +22,675 +939.31
12. Bola 166,870 +22,150 +15.31
13. Hızlı Yaz 29,030 +20,943 +258.97
14. Sunshine Ranch 564,702 +18,495 +3.39
15. My Tribe 65,237 +18,045 +38.24
16. Okey Oyna 47,010 +15,320 +48.34
17. Happy Hotel 131,395 +15,041 +12.93
18. World at War 153,031 +13,772 +9.89
19. Aquarium Life 145,086 +13,467 +10.23
20. Ninja Warz 251,474 +12,297 +5.14

Family Feud, at second, is the social gaming adaptation of the famous TV quiz show. It’s followed by Island Paradise, an older title from Meteor Games that is actually losing both MAU and DAU, but has managed to rally a bit in the second category this week.

Zoo Paradise, by CrowdStar, has players collect animals within a private zoo. Out since early March, Paradise is just hitting its stride. But with DAU as a percentage of MAU at 23 percent right now and falling back toward the low teens, it seems like this game may have trouble bringing back many of its players daily — a problem shared by RockYou’s Zoo World, which Paradise is attempting to challenge.

At number five, we see Tiki Resort by Playdom. This is a slow-but-steady grower in the island management category; it has reliably showed up on our DAU list for a solid month. You may notice, though, that Playdom’s newer and more successful game Social City isn’t shown. That game is still growing, but some of its initial DAU flush is finally wearing off, suggesting that the growth could be slowing.

Skipping down a bit, we find Evony, at number eight. In case you’re wondering, this game is indeed a Facebook version of the MMORPG that has cheap and salacious ads plastered around the ‘net.

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