Hothead Games Launches Boom Boom Football on iOS, Android

The football game tests players' reflexes as they tap on circles to complete each offensive and defensive play.

As a new NFL season begins, Kill Shot developer Hothead Games has released its latest title, Boom Boom Football, on mobile devices. The game allows players to build their own football team and compete against other teams in games which test their reaction time.

In Boom Boom Football, players begin by naming their team and customizing its uniform. Gamers start out with a small selection of the more than 300 available football players, which are represented by collectible cards. Players take their team into ‘Boom Boom Bowls’ to challenge their skills and earn trophies, as well as new players for their team.

During each game, players are challenged to tap on circles as they appear on the screen, with the goal of completing or blocking plays. Once players tap on the circle, a wheel spins and determines whether the play attempt was a success or failure.

Boom Boom Football

Each game offers up to seven reaction-testing plays, called ‘Hero’ moments, based on specific actions like passing the ball or tackling the opponent. The likelihood of winning these individual Hero moments is determined before each game starts, based on stat comparisons between the players on each team.

After the stats have been compared, each play’s spin wheel will update accordingly, giving players a higher or lower chance of being successful on each specific play. To boost a play in their favor, players can try to tap on smaller blue or purple circles, which are on the screen for less time, but will increase their likelihood of winning. However, even with an active boost, it’s still possible for a play to fail.

In between games, users can spend premium currency on new players for their team, which may have better stats than their existing players. As gamers progress, they’ll collect more cards than they need, and can spend any unnecessary cards to boost the stats of those cards they’d like to keep. If players receive duplicate cards, they can combine these cards to ‘evolve’ the card and increase its stats.

Players spend energy to access each single-player game, with energy recharging automatically over time. Outside of the game’s single-player mode, users can compete in daily tournaments and special player-vs-player Boom Battle events.

In a statement, Mike Inglehart, creative director at Hothead Games, commented:

Boom Boom Football represents the next evolution of sports video games. It combines the team-building strategies that our Big Win Sports players have come to love, with real-time, skill-based action that makes the game as exciting as any real football game. We really pumped the visuals for this game too, so not only is the game super-exciting to play, but the graphics are incredible!

Boom Boom Football is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.