The Beyoncé-Chicken Photo Came First

Nigerian critic thinks chicken 'has clearly seen better days.'

HouseofMaliqOctober2016Nine months after the concept was essayed by Beat magazine for a January 2016 cover story, another publication has paired a popular performer with a chicken. But in Nigeria, at least so far, the combo is not being viewed as the sincerest form of Beyoncé flattery.

Nigerian dancer Kafayat Shafau Ameh, a.k.a. Kaffy, posed for several other October 2016 issue House of Maliq covers besides the one pictured at right. A reviewer on the website has a pretty funny takedown of this particular cover. Here’s an excerpt:

While the House of Maliq magazine cover is a boring close-up of Kaffy’s face and an ugly chicken, the Beat magazine image takes full advantage of Beyoncé’s sexy body. The queen of pop music rocked a white swimsuit and the American flag draped over her shoulders. She holds a fluffy clean white chicken. In that photo, the chicken acts as a prop. It doesn’t share the spotlight with Beyoncé. Without the chicken, Beyoncé’s photo would have still been dope.

Read the rest of senior associate Ayomide Tayo’s critique here. On another comparative level, only Kaffy holds the Guinness World Record for longest dance party. She set that in 2006.

Cover image via: Instagram

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