Houston Chronicle Ices the Astros Hashtag

Remove pound sign; add past tense; better luck next year.

Throughout the 2015 Major League Baseball regular season, the exploits of the Houston Astros were principally tagged on social media with the hashtags #hustletown and #crushcity. The latter a reference to the power that left the Astros just two behind the Blue Jays (230 to 232) for the American League lead in regular season four-baggers.

Today, via the front page of the Astros’ hometown newspaper the Houston Chronicle, the season is tagged a little differently:


There is a third strand of hashtagging lingering in Houston in the wake of the Astros’ 7-2 loss to the Royals. Thanks to a since-deleted Game 4 tweet from the office of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, these various tags combine his last name with the notion of a “curse.”

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