How Airlines Use Twitter – And Which One is Doing it Best [Infographic]

The airline industry is one of the most active on Twitter. They’ve been using Twitter for customer service, branding and promotions for years now. A data company which examines the social media impact of travel brands has released the first monthly Twitter infographic looking at how airlines actually use Twitter, and which ones are doing it best.

eezeer creates mobile and web apps for travelers to access and write reviews while on the go. Their latest project, eezeer data labs, uses statistical data from Twitter and other sources to take a look at how the travel industry is harnessing social media.

Their first project is the Airlines Monthly Twitter Report which looks at all of the top airlines on Twitter.

The “Best in Class” for the month of March 2011 was Delta Airlines (@Delta). During March, 14.9% of all of the airlines’ tweets were sent and received by Delta. They were also the “Airline Listening Champion” and “Airline Talking Champion, as 15,850 tweets were sent to them and 2,889 tweets were sent by them in March.

There are currently 77 active airlines on Twitter and 168 total. And of these accounts, JetBlue Airways (@jetblue) is both the most followed account and following the most accounts itself, with over 1,820,000 follower accounts and 114,000 following.

The infographic also takes a look at what consumers are saying about airlines on Twitter. Perhaps unsurprisingly, nearly 94% of consumer tweets are related to customer service, while things like timeliness, food and entertainment, and luggage handling make up only about 5% total.

Take a look at the full infographic below for even more airline Twitter stats (click for larger image):

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