How Airlines Used Twitter in April: A New King of Tweeting is Crowned

Last month, eezeer released their first monthly infographic depicting how airlines use Twitter. And now we’ve got our hands on the second month to compare – and there’s been some shakeups in the rankings. No longer is Delta the most prolific tweeting airline: that crown has been taken by TAM Brazilian. Find out how the other airlines fared in the infographic below.

Delta did win “Best in Class” in the month of April, as it retained its position as the airline which sent and received the most tweets in 30 days. However, when breaking it down, Delta won first place only in tweets received, and second in tweets sent – the winner here was TAM Brazilian.

The upper echelon of airlines on Twitter shrunk a bit in the past month, with 27 airlines contributing 80% of the total tweets in April compared to 30 in March. However, the total number of tweets has gone up by 20% from March to April.

Interestingly, the total number of airlines increased by 16 in the month of April, but the number of active airlines stood still at 77. I assume 16 new airlines scooped up their usernames, but haven’t yet made the plunge into actually sending out a tweet.

You can see April’s infographic below, and compare it to March’s airlines infographic to see how things evolve on Twitter in just one month.