How And Why Facebook Hired Its First PR Chief’s editorial department received an early copy of The Facebook Effect, David Kirkpatrick’s book that takes an inside look at Facebook.

In an interesting tidbit, we find out about how and why Facebook hired its first spokesman in the social network’s early days.

Writes Kirkpatrick:

[Facebook CEO Mark] Zuckerberg hated doing interviews and talking in public, but he gave the Stanford Daily a lot of time.

He didn’t want to do many interviews like that in the future.

The newspaper at every new school seemed to want to talk to him, and the guys were planning to add a lot of colleges. So shortly thereafter, Zuckerberg recruited yet another likely prospect, his own roommate, Chris Hughes. Hughes became TheFacebook’s official spokesman.

Of course, Hughes eventually went on to be one of the main drivers behind the Barack Obama presidential campaign’s online organizing. He also briefly worked for Fleishman-Hillard owned media consultancy GMMB, and has since formed a “web-based philanthropic venture”

You can hear more about the forthcoming book when it’s author, Kirkpatrick, will be interviewed on our video interview show Media Beat in mid-June.

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