How Are the Airlines Using Google+? [Infographic]

At a recent Socialize event in Toronto, a few panelists pointed out that people may be looking at Google+ the wrong way.  While most are trying to categorize it as a social network, the speaker felt that Google+ couldn’t miss because it was just a way of strengthening social SEO, and as the years pass, it will become more and more vital for companies to use it to improve their SEO anyway, and eventually this will draw people to Google+ through Google search.

I feel that this idea is spreading through businesses pretty fast, and seeing as how starting a basic Google+ business profile has almost zero risk and a very low cost, we’re seeing companies get into the space quick.  The latest?  Airlines.

In this infographic fromt eh folks over at simpliflying, we see that there are now 70 airlines with brand pages on G+ and most pages are making brand related posts on the network.  A good 34% have blank news feeds.  This means that while the airlines are engaging the network, they still don’t know how to use it.  The most popular airlines using the service are volaris, jetBlue (love these guys) and CEBU Pacific (the makers of that rockin’ viral video).

Check the infographic below for more information.